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Obtain clear, practical guidance on the use and dissemination of consumer data,
while avoiding risk and ensuring compliance in your organization

Training and education courses

With increased scrutiny of FCRA by the CFPB and other regulatory agencies for data accuracy, dispute resolution, debt collections and credit score transparency, it is critical for an institution to understand and comply with FCRA requirements.

Whether you are new to the FCRA requirements or have been using or reporting consumer data for years, you will receive benefits from our training programs with practical application to FCRA compliance. Learn your responsibilities for using, disseminating and reporting consumer data.

The FCRA Training Programs provide a comprehensive discussion of the regulations and explanations of common errors and violations by centering around important industry topics and rules and regulations needed to master, understand and comply with FCRA. This training also serves as due diligence documentation for your staff’s continuing education as FCRA/FACTA knowledge experts.

FCRA Program for Data Users

If you use consumer reports to make credit decisions, you need to know about your legal obligations under the FCRA such as permissible purpose, adverse actions and risk based pricing rule. This course will provide in-depth training and explanations of what the law means to data users.


  • Overview of FCRA/FACTA and GLBA
  • Permissible Purposes
  • Prescreening
  • Disposal of Information & Data Security
  • Adverse Action
  • Fraud Alerts and Identity Theft
  • Employment Reports & Background Screening
  • Investigative Consumer Reports
  • Address Discrepancy Rule
  • Enforcement & Penalties


FCRA Program for Data Furnishers

If you are a furnisher of consumer data you need to understand the risks with inaccurate reporting, timely responses to disputes, proper handling of identity theft reports and consumer notices. This course will provide the basic concepts of the FCRA in order to implement policies and procedures and identify risks.


  • Overview of FCRA/FACTA and GLBA
  • Accuracy & Integrity Rules
  • Handling Direct Disputes & Disputes Received through a Credit Reporting Agency
  • Voluntary Closing of Accounts
  • Delinquency Notice of Account
  • Handling of Fraudulent/Identity Theft-Related Accounts
  • Address Discrepancy Rule
  • Negative Information Notice
  • Enforcement & Penalties


Metro 2® Format e-Learning

The CDIA Metro 2® Format Task Force has designed a new e-Learning system to provide detailed instruction on the use of the Metro 2® Format. Whether you are new to credit reporting or have years of experience, this system will help strengthen your knowledge about the Metro 2® Format, which is the credit reporting industry’s standard reporting format. The new e-Learning system provides a clear, detailed, and engaging look at the Metro 2® Format in a convenient online training, allowing your employees to learn on-site and at their own pace.


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