Personal Loans are Hot

The personal loans market is growing with $95B in originations in 2018* alone.

Despite this, many lenders still struggle to attract and approve applicants due to low conversion rates and high cost of acquisition. To expand their portfolios, lenders are making more offers to more qualified applicants and are turning to alternative data sources to augment their risk scoring. However, many options in the marketplace present more swap out opportunities than swap in, or introduce friction in the application process by requiring financial account credentials.

Say Yes to More Applicants Without Friction

Introducing Insight Score for Personal Loans (ISPL), an innovative, FCRA risk score optimized for unsecured personal loans. ISPL combines Equifax unique data assets and technology, such as communications, pay TV and utility payment history, trended data and NeuroDecision® Technology (NDT), to enable lenders to more confidently approve a broad spectrum of consumers for personal loans.

With ISPL, no consumer-contributed data is required. And you may use this score for new account origination, underwriting, pre-qualification, and pre-screen.

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