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executive vice president of corporate strategy

"Confluent Strategies is a family joined together with a common goal of providing services of the highest standard. I knew this was a company I could grow with when I saw the integrity and the work ethic of those I work with, and the values they hold to. I can stand behind not only our products and services, but also the individuals who make up our Confluent Strategies team."

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Our greatest resource is our people

Lisa is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and joined the Confluent Strategies team in 2012 as an executive assistant to the President/CEO. Lisa quickly earned additional opportunities to grow professionally as she looked for new and strategic ways of meeting and growing our corporate initiatives. As Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy Lisa is charged with crafting and managing our corporate brand, further broadening and enhancing the effectiveness of our corporate marketing effort, the administration of employee benefits and Human Resources, and the growth & oversight of our association management division. She is the Corporate Secretary of the Board.

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