Consumer expectations are changing.
Are you?

Truly understanding the shifting consumer landscape in Financial Services requires making sense of the mass of data that rolls in every day. It requires staying on top of changing preferences, shifting from a product-centric view of the world to a customer-centric view, and constantly seeking opportunities for household expansion.

In our work with leading retail banks, three clear priorities have emerged:

  • Identifying the right households to market to, what to offer them, and when to offer it
  • Uncovering the right cross-sell opportunities based on customers’ needs and wants
  • Strengthening engagement over time to increase primacy and grow share of wallet across channels and product lines

Attracting, growing, and retaining profitable households isn’t easy. It requires an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of rapidly changing preferences and emerging channels. It demands being able to detect small signals that lie buried in masses of data, to identify triggers and patterns that can clue you in to customer trajectory.

Equifax is a trusted provider of comprehensive solutions for the top Financial Institutions across the country.

Uncovering clarity from the chaos.

With our advanced analytics and proprietary data sources, as well as our deep history and expertise in serving Financial Services, we can help you get underneath the swirl of apparent chaos – to uncover previously undetected patterns, preferences and behaviors of your individual customers, both current and future.

Our unique approach is to integrate fragmented datasets and insights across channels, types, and platforms. By bringing together your unique customer data and our proprietary data sources, our approach is both more granular and more comprehensive. We can drill down to micro-segments within the population, or go broad and uncover insights on a mass scale, despite the volume of data to parse through. What emerges from all of this is a clearer and deeper understanding of the consumer, to help you convert selling opportunities across the full customer journey.

Did you know?
Equifax can help you more readily identify which "consumers" are also small business owners--a key trigger for expansion opportunity.

Do you have the confidence to make the right decisions?

It takes the right expertise to truly identify insights under the depth of facts and figures, to view consumer opportunities across channels and products. Consumers today have more choice and knowledge than ever before. They are armed with new technologies and are demanding new banking solutions. To carve out competitive advantage in this rapidly changing consumer-centric world, market leaders are looking at data differently. They are looking for ways to improve micro-targeting and build stronger omni-channel integration.

It’s our rigor and respect for data integrity that leads so many retail banks to partner with Equifax. They may know us as the expert in helping to minimize risk and reduce fraud, but our consumer data heritage is what also allows us to go deep into customer insights that guide business decisions – from acquisition, to offers, to customer loyalty and expansion. We help our clients create competitive advantage by enabling more confident decision making at the point of opportunity.

That’s what Equifax solutions are all about.

Did you know?
Equifax helps you turn data into confident decisions – to help you target the right households, with the right offer, through the right channel – based on proprietary real-world data and predictive analytics.

Change starts with a connected and complete view of your customers.

Consumer banking behaviors don’t exist in a vacuum. They happen in the context of real life – a life that is more digital and connected than ever before. By knowing when your customers may be more likely to take action, you can win in the moment of opportunity. Equifax’s collaborative, adaptive, and complete solutions help you gain insight into the best opportunities for engagement and expansion across the customer relationship.

We do this by complementing and adding to your existing data with unique data insights – from credit profiles, to household spending, investments, home values, auto ownership, small business ownership – the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, we tailor our solutions to your specific needs, leveraging the right information at the right time to get to actionable insights. In fact, Equifax has established itself as a leading partner to the retail banking industry. Our collaborative approach enables our clients to achieve a more comprehensive picture of their customers’ behavior – to help grow deposits and capture lifetime value. With our unmatched credit resources, wealth and other behavioral data, Equifax helps you achieve a more complete picture of your customers’ behavior.

Did you know?
Equifax delivers a more complete customer financial view by integrating data on share of wallet, across assets and loans, inside and outside of your walls. Opportunities for expansion are rooted in understanding consumer needs in the context of their lives – starting a new job or purchasing a home. Equifax helps you unlock life-cycle insights to drive targeted offers at the right point in time.

Change starts today, and we can help.

Equifax has become a provider of choice among global financial institutions, regional banks, and credit unions alike – the experts that they rely on to help guide their decision making when it really matters.

We collaborate with clients to apply proven analytics, adaptive technology, and financial services expertise, all in the name of helping to drive profitable growth. We have the systems, the scale, the trust and the experience to deliver measurable value to you and your organization.

Together, let’s discover what Equifax can do for you.

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