Meet your federal consumer disclosure requirements

Consumer Disclosures

We bring customized solutions to market for any type of disclosure need you may have. Whether it is delivery of federally required consumer disclosures, welcome letters or internal customer notifications, we can assist with a holistic solution to fit your company's needs.

If solutions aren't already in place or your system can't manage your disclosure needs, Confluent Strategies will help you outsource tasks and free up internal resources, while shifting the fulfillment burden and accountability to a third party. We provide everything needed to get critical disclosures into the hands of your customers, including printing, sorting and mailing.

Consolidate disparate lender-tasks into one supplier automation:

  • Define your regulatory compliance language and branded art and share on a common format (.doc, .pdf, .indd, .rtf) that we retain
  • Pass consumer recipient data over Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) or serve to a downloadable XML web service
  • Production of your notices begins as soon as we receive your files, with a typical mail-drop SLA of 48 hours
  • Receive on-demand mail reporting as defense of your regulatory compliance during external audits and examinations

Compliance Obligations Increase: Your Headcount Does Not

As a professional organization, your objective is to develop financial specialists with industry knowledge and high revenue/risk skill–not office workers who fold-and-stuff for a living. Our Disclosure Fulfillment solution allows you to maintain tight compliance as regulation continues, without increasing staff to meet your obligation.

What’s more: you’re now capable of developing additional skill and efficiency with your workforce, instead of repetitive task skill. Progress is perfection.

We Don’t Play Favorites When It Comes to Platforms

Our environment is platform-agnostic, meaning that regardless of your core processing system or loan origination platform, we play nice. In basic terms, if your system generates a text file or character-delimited output, we can consume that file and process it to a successful mail merge. Whether you prefer to serve your file on an automated schedule to an sFTP or transmit using a proprietary system web service, we have the flexibility to receive your consumer recipient information and align it to the appropriate notice(s).

From Your Systems to Your Customer’s Mailbox in Days, Not Weeks

Regulatory disclosures must be timely and relevant, and your compliance is measured not only in content but in context. Our Disclosure Fulfillment solution is nimble–which allows us to both pivot and sprint. Our clients typically enjoy a mail-drop SLA of 48 hours and most end-customers will see your notice within a week of when you transmit your data file to us.

Enjoy the Benefit of Your Equifax Sales Agent Processing Data

As a credit reporting firm and Equifax Sales Agent for 7 decades, we understand the critical nature of regulatory compliance. Whether you are providing your privacy policy, an adverse action notice, or a simple welcome letter, your content and composition must tick the checkboxes for brand, operations, lending, and compliance. Our understanding of your unique needs and expectations allows us to deliver a better end result in less time.

Affordable, Custom Fit Package

Your customer is more than just a number, and so are you. As an organization focused on delivering the best possible experience in an affordable package, you may have unique requirements or constraints. We can design a custom fit for your process, without the premium markup that comes from custom sizing.

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