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Beth Harris

"We are relationship-focused, with each other and with our partners. Confluent Strategies' sales and support teams assist our partners with meeting their short-term and long-term business objectives. We collaborate to form the best strategies that achieve long-lasting partnerships."
Beth Harris

Building strategic financial solutions with our clients

Beth is a Financial Solutions Strategist for the West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Eastern Arkansas markets. Her unique expertise equips her to strategize with our partners to formulate a plan to meet their business objectives.

Beth has 25+ years of financial services experience in operations, compliance, risk, collections, bankcards, and audit. Being an end-user of Confluent Strategies’ solutions for many years, Beth’s experience gives her a unique perspective when helping our partners make confident business decisions. Her extensive knowledge of platforms integration, financial services marketing compliance, product implementation, performance analysis, and a thorough understanding of the regulations governing the use, collection, and furnishing of data well equip her to serve the needs of our partners.

Beth graduated from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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