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Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and actively managed by a board of directors, Confluent Strategies represents a wide range of companies involved in consumer and commercial transactions of all types.

We specialize in consumer credit, commercial and mortgage credit reporting, Integra Financial Benchmarking (business valuation reports), background checks and employment screening, and association management to trade groups, mortgage lenders, and industry associations.

Confluent Strategies is a leading provider of insights and knowledge, helping our customers make informed decisions that provide value to their businesses and enhance their customers' experiences. As an Equifax Sales Agent, we deliver Equifax’s full suite of robust products and solutions. We offer Equifax Credit Services, Equifax Commercial Services, IXI, Workforce Solutions and Equifax Mortgage Services to more than 5,700 customers.

For 70 years, Confluent Strategies has been a proud member of the business community and your trusted business partner.

During our humble Main Street beginnings, we were a repository for local creditors' receivable data. We collected credit information and sold it back to creditors. In the early 1970s, we automated our manual credit files and affiliated our company with the Chilton Corporation.

Since then, we have expanded our services and geographic reach, but we still maintain the same Main Street attention to detail with our customers. We're your neighbors, business consultants, and business partners for consumer and commercial insights and knowledge.

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Confluent Strategies is a leading provider of credit related and business management solutions. For almost 70 years, we've been helping our customers make informed decisions that provide value to their businesses.



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