Consumer Finance

Making everyday wants and needs possible. 

It is exceedingly difficult for some consumers to come up with more than a down payment for an auto, furniture, or major appliance purchase. An emergency could prove to be catastrophic to a consumers’ finances. 

By providing the cash they need with fair financing and repayment terms, consumer finance companies like you offer a transparent and safe loan product for consumers. 

At Confluent Strategies, we understand that your profitability depends on the correct assessment of repayment likelihood and effective collections activities. Whether you’re a large company with secure access to capital or a small company choosing favorable locations or targeting niche markets, our team of representatives is uniquely qualified to put Equifax solutions to work for you. 

We also recognize that you develop a personal relationship with your customers. They are more than mere account numbers; your customers are real people, with real financial needs that you can meet. Leverage Equifax solutions to make their wants and needs possible.

Learn more about how to put Equifax’s Services to work for you and your customers.

  • "By working with the Confluent Strategies, I serve my customers better. As a finance company, we must make confident decisions fast. The quality and speed of the data I get from Equifax and the responsiveness I get from the Confluent Strategies team give me a competitive edge in my market." Mark Perrilloux, Advantage Financial
  • "With the many different products that they offer, they're sure to find the solution you’re looking for. Tower Loan would definitely recommend Confluent Strategies to anyone out there wanting to take their business to the next level." Michael Scarborough, Tower Loan
  • "The relationship between Tower Loan and Confluent Strategies has been great. Whether we’ve had issues that need immediate attention or we wanted to explore areas we think Tower Loan could improve in, the team at Confluent Strategies has been able to assist us in every way we could imagine." Michael Scarborough, Tower Loan
  • "All the solutions offered by Confluent Strategies from ePort and live check campaigns, to training more than 300 employees and developing a custom credit score were the perfect solutions to maximize our business." Janice Harris and Collin Williams, Wallace Management Company