The intel you need to make confident business decisions.

The new year is the perfect time for a Business Review.

Start the new year with a plan. Believe it or not, January 1 is almost here! Now’s the time to review your business plan and make sure you’re using data-informed strategies to meet your goals and stay on budget. When you schedule a comprehensive Business Review with us, we will: audit your overall business, current […]

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We can simplify mandatory regulatory compliance.

A refresher: What is OFAC? The Office of Foreign Affairs Assets Control (OFAC) is a financial intelligence and enforcement agency within the U.S. Department of Treasury that administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions to support U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives. To that end, OFAC publishes lists of sanctioned countries, regimes, companies, groups, and individuals. […]

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Are you confident in your AML and KYC programs?

Avoid costly fines and a damaged reputation In today’s volatile marketplace, organizations face many challenges—including the need to comply with various regulations while attempting to better assess account risk and minimize exposure and losses. Enlist Confluent Strategies and Equifax to help you build out stronger Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs. We […]

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You might be breaking the law without knowing it.

Standard credit report vs. employment report The credit report you pull to make lending decisions is not the same as the report you run for employment purposes. If you’re using them interchangeably, then you are not adhering to FCRA requirements. When obtaining a consumer report for employment purposes, you must: notify the individual in writing that you […]

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Leverage differentiated data to open new DDA accounts.

One strike doesn’t mean they’re out. The underserved market likely includes people you know.A passed-over consumer might be a friend who bounced a check one time or a neighbor who pays cash for everything. Equifax Insight Score for Retail Banking (ISRB) enables you to capture expanded opportunities with confidence by providing more comprehensive views of […]

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Reach underserved members with small-dollar loans and achieve balanced growth.

We know you are committed to conservative lending. Let’s alleviate any apprehension about live checks: You can select underwriting criteria to fit your comfort level. Your members can improve their creditworthiness by taking small, affordable loans from your credit union, eliminiating the need to visit other lenders. Live checks with reasonable rates are an attractive […]

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What is a live check, and how can it benefit your credit union?

It pays to write live checks. What is a live check? A live check is a real, negotiable check for a set loan amount sent to predefined member segments via direct mail. How does it work? How often should live checks go out?You decide the frequency—monthly, quarterly, annually. When sent regularly, live checks are more likely to hit mailboxes at the right […]

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Should you be doing more frequent Account Reviews?

Let’s find the ideal frequency of your Account Reviews. Now more than ever, frequent Account Reviews are critically important to your business. As the economy continues to rebound, I can help you understand your changing consumer risk, leverage seasonal opportunities, and equip you to take action. Do you wonder… Who will be able to pay their commitments […]

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Market your campaigns with earlier, increased holiday shopping in mind.

Align your holiday campaigns with shoppers’ early schedules. This year, many Americans will be looking to make up for the “missed” holidays of 2020, and to account for perceived supply-chain issues, shoppers will start early. Last year, 70% of shoppers planned to shop early to avoid crowds and out-of-stock items, according to Google product marketing manager Erin […]

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