Verification Services

Make informed business decisions by leveraging the most respected, comprehensive data assets available.

When you have better information, you make better decisions.

Over the past century, Equifax has developed innovative solutions for verifying information – employment, employer-reported income, IRS income, insurance, and so much more.  By providing state-of-the-art, third-party verifications, we empower you to make better business decisions and enable consumers to access the credit and services they deserve.

Through Equifax’s Verification Services, you’ll enjoy:

  • Data on-demand: Employers and creditors rely on Equifax to store, protect, manage and, when authorized, release their valued data assets. This allows Equifax to consistently provide controlled data access to qualified verifiers on-demand, enabling quick and informed decision making.
  • Data you can trust: Stop making decisions based on applicant-provided information. Grant credit, monitor your portfolio, mitigate fraud, determine eligibility, and make better-informed decisions by arming yourself with verified information you can trust.
  • Streamlined data retrieval: Our verification processes streamline information retrieval, benefiting both businesses and consumers alike.
  • Compliant Data: Equifax’s unmatched data coverage withstands the most scrutinizing standards in security, privacy, and compliance.

Verify your decisions through Equifax’s Verification Services

Unlock the Power of The Work Number

Your partner for secure, rapid income and employment data

With more than 114,000,000 active records, The Work Number® from Equifax provides instant income and employment data to verify applicant provided information.

The Work Number® streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, benefiting the employee-consumer by helping to accelerate the decision process while adding security to the transaction.

Perform instant verifications and deliver a seamless applicant experience with reliable, robust, and secure solutions trusted by hundreds of thousands of credentialed verifiers.

The Work Number®: Your partner for fast, digital insights and verifications

Key benefits of income and employment verification

Best-in-class database

Market leader in income and employment verifications via the largest commercial repository of payroll information in the United States, with more than one million employers contributing income and employment information each pay cycle.

24/7 Access

There are many ways to get the data you need. Choose to retrieve income and employment history however and whenever you need it.

Help Mitigate Risk, Grow Your Business

With the right income and employment records, lenders can lend to an expanded pool of applicants.

How The Work Number® keeps life moving

Let the industry-leading source of income and employment data help you make better lending decisions that may lead to more sales and fewer lost opportunities.

Start verifying today.

*The Work Number® is a registered trademark of TALX Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax Inc.

  • We have taken advantage of many of their offerings over our long-term partnership and these include credit reporting; credit attributes; custom marketing promotions and lists; The Work Number; and more. These solutions and their expertise have supported our business needs and kept our attention on the many great opportunities our market holds. Summers Townsend, First South Financial
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