Other Industries

Comprehensive insights into your specific market and consumers.

No matter your industry, if you’re a business that extends credit, you need comprehensive insights into your market and your consumers. Those insights must be fresh and highly-targeted for you to lend with confidence and get a higher return on your marketing investment.

We partner with various industries across the U.S. to provide them with the information they need to retain customers, target the right prospects, optimize customer transactions, and confirm the identities of new applicants.

Gain a competitive edge

Together with Equifax, we can help give you the competitive edge you need, with everything from a robust score fueled by fresh alternative data to credit marketing, property data analytics, commercial scoring, and much more.

Lend with confidence

We provide you with the data you need to assess and segment risk accurately across consumer and commercial customers. Data-driven decisions will allow you to increase profitability through risk aligned quotes, helping you grow your business.

Improve your marketing ROI

We can help you understand the financial demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and lifestyles of your target customers and prospects. Our solutions enable you to retain and grow your customer portfolio across the entire customer lifecycle.

Learn more about how Equifax’s robust suite of services can help you find process efficiencies to benefit your business and customers.

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    "I would recommend Confluent Strategies to any business that requires a credit bureau provider. The Confluent Strategies staff was extremely prompt in providing a solution that addressed our business requirements." Steven Edwards, Gossett Motor Cars
  • gossett motor cars
    "I found the overall experience interacting with the entire staff at Confluent Strategies very refreshing; their customer service was excellent." Steven Edwards, Gossett Motor Cars