Commercial Services

Efficiently link analysis to action to increase revenue.

With deep expertise in small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), Equifax provides B2B organizations the insights and efficiencies needed to make timely, confident decisions. Together with Equifax, the Confluent Strategies team delivers actionable answers to help you acquire new consumers, strengthen relationships, mitigate financial risk, and optimize processes for profitable business growth.

When you leverage Equifax for your Commercial needs, we’ll help you:

  • Find actionable insights in an array of data
  • Understand, reach, and serve new consumers
  • Link disparate data for a comprehensive view of a client relationship
  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Quickly assess risk and make consistent credit decisions
  • Proactively manage accounts for maximum lifetime value
  • Collect revenue more efficiently
  • Reduce bad debt and minimize charge-offs

Business Credit

When considering a commercial consumer’s creditworthiness, you need to quickly and confidently approve new customers and set appropriate credit limits. Don’t leave money on the table by declining financially sound applicants or granting overly-conservative credit limits. From verified business identities and detailed credit history to business owner and corporate linkage, Equifax Business Credit Reports give you the deepest level of insight into the validity, financial stability, and performance of more businesses.

Business Credit Reports

From verified business identities and detailed credit history to business owner and corporate linkage, Equifax Business Credit Reports give you the deepest level of insight into the validity, financial stability, and performance of more businesses.

Whether you need domestic or international business credit reports, Equifax offers extensive coverage and depth of business credit information, with an unmatched focus on the critical small business segment.

Business Credit Reports For Small Businesses

Ensure you know who you’re doing business with before signing a contract with a new business partner, creating a purchase order with another supplier, or shipping that big customer order. Engaging with high-risk businesses could result in financial losses or operational headaches you don’t want or need.

Checking the credit history and financial well-being of a business first can provide the in-depth information you need to make smart business decisions.

Commercial Financial Network

You need more than data to make smart decisions around providing small businesses with access to capital. Equifax built its Commercial Financial Network (CFN) with that in mind. We provide organizations with a 360-degree view of risk through traditional and non-traditional types of data to help you improve decision-making and generate revenue. 

CFN and its contributors proactively support businesses’ healthy growth by expanding access to capital and services for American small businesses. With our proprietary Equifax Ignite platform, we access all Equifax databases and build multi-faceted business/owner profiles.

Small businesses are the golden opportunity for commercial lenders. They represent almost all businesses in the American economy. Small businesses need access to capital and resources to grow and thrive as they sustain their operations and increase revenue.

Check out these CFN Insights that drive smarter business decisions.

CFN Data Components

Employment and Income Data

  • Identify SMB proprietors who also have a full-time job
  • Identify SMBs that are growing and hiring a lot of people

Business Owner and Identity Data

  • Know which business proprietors boast a long history of successful business ventures
  • Identify if a proprietor has been involved in fraudulent activity before making an offer
  • Quickly validate a business’ category/type, longevity, and affiliates
  • Gain comprehensive information about the credit history of a business principal, including whether the individual has a higher potential for late payments, without posting a hard inquiry with a Business Principal Report.

Activity and Behavior Data

  • Help segment SMBs by proprietors’ personal interests
  • Help identify the most successful proprietors 
  • Help identify customers with lots of negative/positive online reviews
  • Help identify proprietors who’ve been involved in fraudulent activity

Wealth and Assets Data

  • Identify wealth profile of SMB targets
  • See business owners with home equity available
  • Leverage balance sheet data to assess business health

Commercial Risk Services

We understand that dynamic commercial markets and ever-increasing revenue targets require you to have fresh, on-demand insights into a consumers’ creditworthiness so that you can make fast, consistent credit decisions, help protect against fraud, and manage account risk.

We also know that approving as many worthy buyers is critical. The key to sustainable growth relies on driving efficiency throughout the consumer lifecycle with decision automation and cross-functional workflow management.

why choose equifax
  • Only Equifax provides the most innovative insights and decision-making ability based upon the combination of consumer credit and payment performance data.
  • Equifax is positioned to help SMBs understand their business credit, value, and needs for healthy growth via access to capital.
  • Equifax provides a high level of customer service, including unmatched account management services. We value our customers as strategic partners.

Marketing Data Services

Crowded markets and ever-increasing growth targets require deep, on-demand market insights to drive smart strategies and allocate scarce resources.

Winning the right consumers with relevant offers is essential, so having an in-depth understanding of consumer attributes more critical than ever. And to sustain growth, you’ll need to retain profitable consumers and maximize their value over the entire lifecycle.

why choose equifax
  • Equifax provides a 360-degree view of consumers and has access to a wealth of quality SMB data to drive marketing insights and opportunities.
  • Equifax has instituted on-going improvements in data quality and coverage, including employee-level contact data.
  • The Equifax innovative product set, combined with the value of quality customer service/pricing, is exceptionally competitive.

Use our unique experience and expertise in the Commercial space to your benefit. As a Confluent Strategies partner, you have access to industry and market experts that analyze your specific Commercial business needs and strategically recommend solutions that directly impact your business.

  • orion FCU
    "Leveraging the relationship with Confluent Strategies allows Orion to address business needs quickly and efficiently, and not spend time and energy finding the right department or contacts at Equifax." Sinaed Kuntzman, Orion Federal Credit Union
  • “Laura Hooper is a partner, not a vendor. Her ability to get me to see how Confluent Strategies’ products can be put into actionable tasks to make our credit union better sets Confluent Strategies apart from other vendors.” Mike McDonald, Vanderbilt Credit Union
  • "The relationship between Tower Loan and Confluent Strategies has been great. Whether we’ve had issues that need immediate attention or we wanted to explore areas we think Tower Loan could improve in, the team at Confluent Strategies has been able to assist us in every way we could imagine." Michael Scarborough, Tower Loan

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