Our partnerships often begin because a customer lacks a resource that’s prohibiting their growth.

Do you worry about not fully understanding your consumer data?

Are you unsure of which solutions to leverage to meet your goals?

Do you lack the time and/or resources to get everything done internally?

When you don’t have the right resources in place, you can lose revenue, time, and customers. Don’t miss out on future opportunities with the help of Confluent Strategies.

  • Equifax Services

    As an Equifax Sales Agent, we partner with businesses to help you leverage Equifax solutions to make critical decisions with greater confidence.

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  • Fulfillment Solutions

    We provide everything needed to get critical disclosures into the hands of your customers, including printing, sorting, and mailing.

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  • Association & Event Management

    Keep your professional association running smoothly by outsourcing administrative, marketing, and event operations to our experienced Association Management team.

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