Equifax Services

Equifax uses data on more than 88 million businesses, 800 million consumers, and 5,000 employers to create customized insights for individuals and organizations worldwide.

Confluent Strategies is proud to represent Equifax to more than 2,000 unique partners in markets across more than 16 states. We serve our partners by combining Equifax’s position as the global market leader for consumer, commercial, mortgage, and employment data and solutions with our unique know-how to deliver effective solutions, knowledgeable consultations, and actionable insights.
  • Credit Services

    Gain instant access to comprehensive credit data to support critical decisions and increase revenue.

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  • Data-Driven Marketing Services

    Leverage Equifax’s robust data to help drive marketing campaign strategies, identify top prospects, connect with consumers through preferred channels, and ultimately measure your results.

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  • Mortgage Services

    Utilize technology and differentiated data to gain efficiency, improve the borrower experience, generate quality in-market leads, produce quality loan files, and mitigate risk.

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  • Commercial Services

    Deliver actionable answers to help your small to midsize business consumers acquire new customers, strengthen relationships, mitigate financial risk, and optimize processes for profitable business growth.

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  • Verification Services

    Get access to a streamlined delivery of critical decisioning data for correctly assessing an applicant’s ability to pay a loan obligation or their eligibility for a social service benefit — improving your processes and ability to make better decisions everyday.

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  • "The team at Confluent Strategies anticipates my needs before I know they exist." John Keilholz, Hancock Bank
  • "Confluent Strategies is a partner that helps us excel." Dawn Graeter, Southern Securities Federal Credit Union
  • orion FCU
    "Leveraging the relationship with Confluent Strategies allows Orion to address business needs quickly and efficiently, and not spend time and energy finding the right department or contacts at Equifax." Sinaed Kuntzman, Orion Federal Credit Union
  • "By working with the Confluent Strategies, I serve my customers better. As a finance company, we must make confident decisions fast. The quality and speed of the data I get from Equifax and the responsiveness I get from the Confluent Strategies team give me a competitive edge in my market." Mark Perrilloux, Advantage Financial
  • "With the many different products that they offer, they're sure to find the solution you’re looking for. Tower Loan would definitely recommend Confluent Strategies to anyone out there wanting to take their business to the next level." Michael Scarborough, Tower Loan
  • "Confluent Strategies is a true partner in helping us meet the needs of our members while improving their financial position." Wendy Anderson, MAX Credit Union Wendy Anderson, MAX Credit Union
  • "Confluent’s team has always been exhibited the highest levels of professionalism and it’s a pleasure to work with them." Summers Townsend, First South Financial Credit Union
  • "Our representative always follows up post-campaign(s) to dive into the campaign results so we can consistently optimize our pre-screen campaigns for the best optimal results.” Jason Newman, Tyndall Federal Credit Union
  • orion FCU
    "Confluent Strategies knows exactly who to contact for new solutions or support, and has the expertise needed to help Orion meet its goals. In a fast-paced world where the financial services industry transforms daily, this type of personal relationship is vital to staying competitive." Sinaed Kuntzman, Orion Federal Credit Union
  • "Like Neighbors FCU, Confluent Strategies has built a legacy on knowing and understanding their customers in order to meet our needs proactively, and I couldn't be more pleased." Jody Caraccioli, Neighbors Federal Credit Union