Residential Mortgage

Navigate complex markets with a 360-degree view of a borrower’s credit, capacity and collateral.

As a mortgage lender, your plate is full as you navigate multiple priorities in your evolving industry. Many of our partners are working to generate more promising leads and produce quality loan files while also servicing loans, identifying and mitigating risk, managing defaults, and protecting their portfolios against fraud attempts.

You’re also working to keep pace with the industry-wide shift to using technology to efficiently and effectively manage changes in the marketplace and meet your borrowers’ demands.

Together with Equifax, Confluent Strategies stands ready to help you navigate these growing complexities. Whether originating or servicing a loan, our team will provide you with the solutions you need to overcome your operational challenges and grow your portfolio.

Learn more about Equifax’s suite of Mortgage Services:

Our team wants to be your business partner who helps you navigate the mortgage industries’ growing complexities. Together with Equifax, we have an unparalleled depth of industry knowledge, data assets, and analytic capabilities to help guide the way. 

Learn more about how Equifax’s robust suite of Mortgage Services can help you find process efficiencies to benefit your business and borrowers.

  • "Confluent is always a quick phone call away and they always jump to action immediately." Kevin Ruby, Community Mortgage
  • "This company is all about service. I would recommend Confluent Strategies to anyone in the mortgage industry. They are nice, knowledgeable and helpful. That is what I strive to be to my customers and they have already mastered it." Kevin Ruby, Community Mortgage
  • "When we need something added to the report or other things verified such as rent or rapid rescores, Confluent is always a quick phone call away, and they always jump to action immediately." Kevin Ruby, Community Mortgage
  • "We’ve been running a Mortgage Trigger Marketing campaign that we have seen proven results that bring value in the form of retaining our current Mortgage Portfolio as well as an overall increase in Mortgage Applications on a consistent basis." Jason Newman, Tyndall Federal Credit Union
  • "We have done Mortgage Refinance campaigns along with personal, and consolidation loan pre-screens that have proved strong results!" Jason Newman, Tyndall Federal Credit Union
  • First Citizens National Bank
    Whether they are helping us produce quality loans or manage our portfolio risk, Equifax and the Confluent Strategies team keeps our mortgage business a step ahead in this changing environment. Ronda Heathcott