Asset View by Equifax

How it works:

  • As the lender, you request the VOA, supplying required borrower fields such as Permissible Purpose, verification time frame, and the borrower’s email address.

  • Next, the applicant will enter an email flow, prompting them to create an account to share information with you. As the lender, you’ll be copied on all emails to the borrower except the Secure Authorization token.
    • These emails may be lender-branded, giving your applicant confidence in their authenticity.

  • Applicants will receive a Secure Authorization Token via email (for security reasons, you are not copied on this email.)

  • Once confirmed, the borrow and lender will receive an email notification that their registration is approved, and the applicant may securely share their account information with you.

  • Lenders will be copied on periodic reminder emails prompting applicants to provide the necessary information until provided.

  • Once completed, you will receive a report of the applicant’s VOA.

  • You may refresh that applicant’s report as many times as needed for 60 days.
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