Generate more quality leads

Equifax offers a robust suite of solutions to help you acquire more mortgage customers. Highlighted below are a few solutions that have been extremely helpful to many of our current mortgage partners.

Predict the right pre-market prospects with a Prescreen.

Help identify more of the right borrowers by applying predictive, pre-market consumer insights to your segmentation and acquisition strategies.

It can be difficult to target the right borrowers with the best offer for their needs, especially without comprehensive information, such as credit and other financial and non-financial attributes.
Our prescreen services combine the power of our unmatched credit-active consumer database with the precision of prescreened target lists built around credit-based attributes and various scoring models. 

Generate more qualified and timely in-market leads by using TargetPoint Triggers and ProspectID Advantage™.

Help capture more of the right borrowers by applying timely, event-based, in-market insights to your segmentation and acquisition strategies.

Many prescreen offers are sent today without taking the borrower’s likelihood to purchase into consideration, thereby wasting time and money.
Our standalone mortgage
TargetPoint Triggers provide a relevant, time-sensitive view of borrowers with a potentially active interest in obtaining a mortgage loan in the near future by utilizing mortgage-specific time periods and predictive indicators such as:
Increased credit activity
Recent inquiries on a new line of credit
Approaching final payments on a loan
Address changes

ProspectID Advantage™ strengthens targeted marketing efforts by delivering a list of pre-approved, creditworthy prospects tailored to meet your credit profile criteria for marketing your mortgage services .
Create a precise, targeted list to fit your marketing needs by leveraging access to more than 1,500 consumer credit financial attributes, event-based and behavior triggers, and True In-Market Propensity Scores.

If you strive to identify borrowers with more potential, consider leveraging Equifax’s Mortgage Acquisition suite of solutions. Let’s connect to explore which solution is right for you and your business.