Identify HELOC opportunities, gain insights, and mitigate risk

We understand that your organization is faced with challenges that threaten your ability to sustain a profitable home equity lending model–from identifying potential borrowers effectively to mitigating new and ongoing portfolio risk without sacrificing operational efficiencies.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Together we can leverage the robust suite of solutions from Equifax to help bring you valuable insights that span complex marketing, risk, and consumer relationship challenges .

Here’s where we can help:

Marketing and acquisition

Identify and capture more of the right borrowers by applying predictive analytics and event-based insights to your segmentation and acquisition strategies Learn More

Underwriting and quality control

Produce quality loan files and assess loan file quality easily with differentiated information obtained from the source. Learn More

Account Management: Marketing and Risk

Identify HELOC growth opportunities and manage portfolio risk with consumer credit and property data solutions from a single source. Learn More

Account Management: Capital Adequacy

Help meet capital adequacy requirements with consumer credit and property data from a single source. Learn More

Pre and post-foreclosure/other REO

Mitigate default and foreclosure risk with a cost-effective and accurate property value report. Learn More