Identify new sales opportunities with your business owner consumers.

According to Equifax research, up to 21 percent of some organizations’ consumers could also be potential small-business owners. So if you don’t know which of your consumers are also small-business owners, you’re leaving cross-sell and upsell opportunities on the table.

Equifax EFX Link™ can help. Using sophisticated data-linking technology, EFX Link™ connects data from our small-business databases and consumer files to give you an expanded view of your consumers who are also business owners or principals and the businesses that might be associated with them. This increased visibility helps you better estimate their need for your small-business products, make on-target offers, generate stronger response rates, and optimize the full relationship potential.

In addition to uncovering fresh cross-sell and upsell opportunities, EFX Link provides consumer insights that help you better segment and target audiences with more relevant offers and provide a higher level of customer service with a more complete view of your consumer’s activity linked to an account.