Equifax offers effective solutions to fight fraud, including synthetic and true-name fraud, along with real-time detection of velocity and behavioral patterns that are indicative of suspicious activity.

Equifax’s vast repository of industry-leading data helps provide deep insight around consumer identities. Our assets include credit, employment, income, demographic, telecom, utility, device ID and other differentiated data sources. We provide advanced analytics and technology innovations to improve fraud capture rates and dramatically decrease false positives.

Our Fraud Solutions Help Your Business:

  • Reduce fraud charge-offs and increase activation rates
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Improve fraud capture rates for high-risk transactions
  • Reduce false positives

Our Fraud Solutions Deliver

Identity Scanning - leverages more than a dozen up-to-date public and proprietary databases and returns warnings based on fraud victim alerts, hot addresses, and suspicious phone numbers.

Velocity Detection - provides all-purpose protection by detecting patterns across multiple institutions and industries that are indicative of fraudulent activity.

Device Risk Scoring - helps identify suspicious activity that is associated with the device the member is using.

SSN Screening - combats fraud by alerting when a social security number (SSN) is being used inappropriately and potentially by a different, illegitimate identity.

OFAC Screening - helps comply with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations

Identity Proofing - leverages Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) that validates the member is who they say they are—making it difficult for an impostor to gain access to your web-based applications.

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