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Data Delivery Made Elegant

Whether your firm needs a simple order entry form to collect leads or a robust document repository that meets industry compliance standards, Radiant Solutions has the knowledge and resources to meet your demand. Confluent Strategies has engaged Radiant Solutions to match our credit industry expertise and broad client portfolio with bespoke data consumption and secure transmission tools.

Your business is not ordinary and neither are the expectations of your customer. Let's deliver form-fitted solutions that delight, reward loyalty, and drive growth and profitability. Some examples of current executions include:

  • Mobile Platform and Work Flow Automation

Firms who need a mobile form solution can have a custom designed and branded interface built for their needs. We will create the front-end capture which can include proposals, forms, logic and rules that integrate with Equifax for credit capture and return all information to a completed document for the client. This can include streamlining that data in a writable format to their existing customer management platform and electronically storing their information, creating a total mobile/web based package solution.

  • Credit Reporting Interface

Firms often seek the opportunity to report out their customer information to the bureaus, but the file creation, formatting, and integration from their systems can often be tedious and time consuming. Radiant Solutions partners with your user interface to build out the credit reporting for them, streamline it through the proper channels for quick easy reporting and a functionality that will meet their needs.

  • Paper Based Process Automation

Regulated firms, through compliance or other drivers, must deal with paper form work flow. Radiant designs platforms configured to help them better manage and process that work flow. We can build a platform that will electronically receive paper forms, process and extract that data into a writeable format designed to flow into their current customer management system while electronically storing the data for 24/7 access. Reporting and other functionality such as emailing and dashboard creation can be designed as features as well.

  • Web Development, Web based API, and Intranet Design

Many firms are evaluating platforms for web based services both externally for customer demand and internally for their own knowledgebase. Radiant Solutions can custom design web based needs to allow for API and data integration for their information to flow directly to their current customer management. Our goal is to deliver a quality product the business or their clients can depend on for future growth and success with a strong user experience and branding to their business.

  • Dead Deal File Automation for the Auto Industry

Speed and compliance now demand that your dealership has an effective storage and retrieval capability for consumer credit applications that you receive in transactions that do not result in completed vehicle sales. Unless you are able to put your hands on a signed application that includes the authorization to run a credit bureau for every consumer inquiry that you run, you are risking financial loss through litigation. Ask us how we can help!

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