Better identify small business opportunities

Discover – and fulfill – the hidden needs of your customers who own small businesses

Capitalize on the potential to cross-sell opportunities for commercial services by identifying which of your customers may be linked with a small business.

I can provide you with an expanded, 360-degree view of consumers who are also business owners or principals and the businesses that may be associated with them. This increased visibility helps you better estimate their need for your small business products, make on-target offers, generate stronger response rates, and optimize the full relationship potential.

Equifax EFX Link™ will give you a comprehensive view of small business customers and help you

  • Identify new small businesses within your customer base
  • Increase revenue by successfully cross-selling and upselling commercial products and services
  • Improve customer service and loyalty 
  • Boost marketing ROI
Contact us to learn how you can better identify small business opportunities within your current customer base with Equifax EFX Link™.