Confluent Strategies Represents Equifax for Arkansas

Corporate expansion provides additional in-person support to Arkansas credit grantors

Why Confluent Strategies, and Why Now?

Equifax continues to be the leading global source of consumer and commercial risk information, with unmatched uptime and speed of returned requests. As Equifax continues to specialize its workforce, Confluent Strategies is playing a key role in providing ground-level support to clients who require human sales and support service. Our depth of knowledge of the credit reporting industry matched with actionable insights from your risk data make Confluent Strategies a natural fit for your business. Whether you are an emerging player actively seeking growth or you are a market leader leveraging your position for profitability, our suite of current solutions and our nimble approach to building new ones will be a tremendous asset to you.

Reasons to Choose Equifax

  1. REWARD: Your customers are loyal to your brand and they should be rewarded for their good repayment habits. Report their activity to the largest, most credible repository of consumer data.
  2. VALIDATION: Our suite of analytics solutions will give you confidence that you are extending credit to the right customers and help you identify risk earlier in the repayment cycle.
  3. SPEED: With consistently less than 1 second response-time, you are capable of capturing more market share because you can return a decision to applicant before your competition.
  4. INSIGHTS: Equifax has the industry-leading data, and Confluent Strategies has the experienced solutions experts to help you interpret that data.
  5. UPTIME: We deliver service at a 99.97% reliability rate, unmatched by competitors in our industry. You can trust that when you need information, our systems are able to provide it.
  6. SERVICE: Confluent Strategies has “boots on the ground” in your market to provide a high degree of personal service and support, allowing you to focus on your core competencies as a credit grantor.
  7. COMPLIANCE: Ensure full FCRA compliance by reporting to–and gaining insight from–the world’s leading credit database.

As a company, as employees, our attitude is simple – you are first.

Confluent Strategies has been a trusted partner of credit grantors in the Southeast for almost 70 years. For the past 30 years, we have represented Equifax with over 2,750 unique consumer and commercial credit grantors.

As a valuable Equifax client, we want to be your trusted partner, exceeding expectations and providing differentiated solutions when and where you need them.

Our success begins and ends with you!

Incentives for New Arkansas Credit Data Furnishers

Equifax wants to remain the world’s foremost resource for consumer and commercial credit insights. We can’t accomplish that goal without credit grantors like you! We have built a portfolio of pricing incentives (worth over $10,000) for our new clients who begin reporting their portfolio data to Equifax:

  • Portfolio Evaluation – $2,500 – $5,000 Value: Within the first 60 days you will receive a loan portfolio evaluation report based on the data being provided.
  • Score Update – $2,500 Value: After 12 months of reporting, you will receive a score update on up to 10,000 records.
  • No Setup Fee – $500 Value: $500 account setup fee will be waived.
  • Bypass Report – $1,500 Value: Upon successful posting of the first data file, receive a powerful and dynamic Crystal Report from your data and a detailed review from your Confluent Strategies Sales Executive.
  • Free Support: Immediate support to ensure a seamless transfer of reporting files.

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Meet the Arkansas Team

These individuals are your dedicated resource for growth strategy, profitability, and program optimization. They are Equifax solutions experts and are eager to understand your organization better.

Kevin Thompson, Vice President of Sales

Beth Harris, Financial Solutions Strategist, East AR

Jane Pach, Sales Executive, West AR

Jessica Jeffreys,  Client Engagement Manager, is your go-to support resource. If you need to add account numbers, or troubleshoot a reporting concern, Jessica is ready to help. Her 10 years of Equifax credit reporting experience will be invaluable to you.