Custom Portfolio Insights give you a competitive edge, with no added fees.

Imagine having access to insights related to your lending portfolio as it relates to where you stand compared to your market and competitors. Imagine receiving a detailed analysis of the consumers in your portfolio. Imagine having a strategic business consultant whose entire job is to analyze that data and curate solutions specific to your unique business and your consumers’ needs.

Now imagine getting that personalized data, analytics, and service at no additional cost.

That’s precisely what you’ll get with Confluent Strategies.

We invite you to take advantage of Portfolio Insights, a customized report that provides insights related to your lending portfolio as it is reflected in Equifax’s database. This FREE report provides valuable information about the consumers you serve, score distributions, and what loans your consumers might have with other institutions. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations about how you can use this data to grow wallet and market share.

The data and analysis within the Portfolio Insight report is another way we want to help you meet all your top business initiatives: business growth, minimized exposure and losses, consumer acquisition and retention, and profitability.