Score more consumers with greater precision.

Looking for a more affordable scoring model? One that reflects today’s economic realities? Created in 2006, VantageScore is now in its fourth iteration, which has been fine-tuned to the current credit landscape. Not only is it more accurate, but it’s also priced well below competing scoring models!

More predictive. More inclusive. More affordable.

VantageScore scores 33 million more U.S. consumers than conventional models, and 3,000+ banks, fin-techs and other companies use it every day to assess consumer creditworthiness. It’s time to give VantageScore a try and start reaping the benefits!

VantageScore 4.0 delivers:

  • Performance: built on a database of 45 million anonymized credit files and regularly refreshed to ensure reliable insights.
  • Inclusivity: scores 33 million more Americans, and 13 million have scores of 620 or higher, including three million Black and Hispanic consumers.
  • Consistency: the top three credit bureaus, including Equifax, implement this model, so lenders can be more confident of the scores’ validity.
  • Transparency: the only scoring model to publish assessment results annually and provide free scores to consumers.

VantageScore has expanded the scoreable universe and enabled lenders to reach more consumers—safely and soundly. Implement the most innovative scoring model and start saving money at the same time!