Automate and Win

Consumer Disclosure Fulfillment Outsourcing

A live virtual interview with John Keilholz, Senior Vice President of Consumer Lending at Hancock Whitney Bank

With each passing legislative session, the regulatory compliance burden gets heavier. How do small to medium-sized financial services providers stay true to their charter of serving their markets?

One answer is outsourcing disclosure fulfillment. In this session, you’ll learn how Hancock Whitney Bank($27B, Gulfport MS) found operational efficiency through automating many of their consumer lending disclosures. We will be joined by John Keilholz, Senior Vice President of Consumer Lending at Hancock Whitney. He will share how Confluent Strategies has driven a consistent delivery of notices while also reducing their cost footprint. Register for our free session to learn how you too can Automate and WIN with Confluent Strategies.

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Watch and learn:

  1. What types of notices are currently being outsourced
  2. The process and data exchange needed for an outsourced notice
  3. How a regional bank found efficiency without losing control through process automation