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How financially resilient are your consumers?

Assess consumer financial health beyond their credit score. Both the pandemic and economic uncertainty have impacted many U.S. households. But households are being affected unequally—with significant consequences for marketers and risk managers. We can help you maximize your business with insight into households’ likely ability to keep spending and meet current and future financial obligations. […]

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Save resources: Outsource your disclosure paperwork to us!

We offer comprehensive solutions for any disclosure need you might have. Whether it is delivering federally required disclosures, welcome letters, or internal consumer notifications, our Disclosure Fulfillment Team brings customized solutions to fit your financial institution’s needs—saving you time, money, and internal resources. “Our business would have to invest a significant amount of money to handle […]

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Automate and Win

Consumer Disclosure Fulfillment Outsourcing A live virtual interview with John Keilholz, Senior Vice President of Consumer Lending at Hancock Whitney Bank With each passing legislative session, the regulatory compliance burden gets heavier. How do small to medium-sized financial services providers stay true to their charter of serving their markets? One answer is outsourcing disclosure fulfillment. […]

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Confluent Strategies Helps $27B Regional Bank Meet FCRA Compliance

Disclosure Fulfillment Service Lightens Regulatory Burden CLIENT INSIGHT: MISSISSIPPI-BASED REGIONAL BANK AUTOMATES COMPLIANCE DISCLOSURE FULFILLMENT The Challenge Two federal laws — the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), as implemented by Regulation B, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) — reflect Congress’s determination that consumers and businesses applying for credit should receive notice of the […]

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