Know Your Clients?

Originally published by Equifax

Gain market advantage with in-depth portfolio analysis

PortfolioID Advantage™ provides a comprehensive view into the credit profile of your customers to help optimally manage portfolio performance while minimizing risk exposure. By evaluating your portfolio against the Equifax database of credit active consumers, PortfolioID Advantage delivers deeper consumer insights to enable your business to effectively:

  • Target better customers for cross-sell promotions and affinity programs
  • Identify customers with the highest risk for delinquency
  • Determine the proper level of funding for debt reserves
  • Allocate collection resources efficiently

PortfolioID Advantage offers access to more than 1,500 credit based attributes to create an in-depth picture of your portfolio by providing highly detailed customer intelligence. Expand your portfolio by accurately identifying customers that fit your target market profile for cross-selling and affinity programs. Deeper insights can also support early detection of potentially high-risk accounts and drive informed collections strategies. Understand debt reserve positions with clear insight into the health of the accounts within your portfolio.  PortfolioID Advantage is a consumer report, and its use is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Help optimize portfolio management, maximize the return of marketing efforts, and reduce risk exposure by leveraging the enhanced portfolio perspective delivered by PortfolioID Advantage.