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Enhance your acquisition of new deposit accounts AND stay compliant

We recognize that internal compliance requirements can complicate your efforts when planning your investment and deposit gathering campaigns. You must be sure that the data you are using to identify high-asset and high-income consumers is both highly-targeted and compliant. To assist you in your efforts, Equifax makes it easier for you to use our market-leading […]

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Proactively identify at-risk customers

Sometimes lenders are the last to know when their customers are facing financial hardship. In light of the current economic climate, we strongly recommend gaining a comprehensive view into the credit profile of your customers with a Customer Portfolio Review℠ (CPR) so that you’re proactively minimizing risk exposure. A Customer Portfolio Review℠ delivers the power to proactively screen the accounts […]

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Looking for a price-competitive option for credit scoring?

Here is a basic summary of the credit scoring models available to date. Our industry and market experts can help you evaluate the best scoring model for your business to ensure you’re receiving a fast, reliable, and objective measure of credit risk.  FICO® Score Models FICO solutions can empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions, […]

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CS Industry Insights for December

Compliance-friendly third party wealth solution provides 75% accuracy WealthComplete HD identifies deposit growth cases without using protected class variables. Read use case. Reducing risk and increasing efficiency for digital mortgages with third party verifications Equifax’s Jennifer Henry discusses why reliable, third party data remains a vital piece of the mortgage process. Read More. Go digital to reach […]

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Data-driven Marketing: 4 Reasons to Leverage Data-driven Marketing

Leverage our expertise with Equifax’s unique household economic data, innovative analytics, and technology to grow relationships with the right consumers and deliver great consumer experiences. While you have access to great data, we understand that it may be difficult to make that data usable to drive marketing campaign strategies, identify top prospects, connect with consumers […]

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Portfolio Monitoring Solutions: Maintain and grow the right customers

I understand that you are likely under pressure to not only maintain your current portfolio, but also aggressively grow it in the new year.  That can be hard to do if you don’t have the highly detailed customer-level information you need to identify customers for your marketing efforts.  That’s something I can help you navigate. By […]

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Meet your 2021 growth goals by focusing on your most promising prospects

Many of our partners are looking to significantly strengthen their up-sell, cross-sell, and customer engagement strategies in 2021. If you too are looking to expand your portfolio, increase acquisition, and maximize your marketing results, I recommend including Prescreens from Equifax in your marketing strategy. Prescreens cut through the vast universe of consumers to help you identify prospects […]

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January 2021 Industry Insights from Confluent Strategies

Contactless and Self-Service are Here to Stay Now more than ever, consumers expect real, contactless experience. It is time to create those experiences the right way. It is time to listen to consumers and adapt business models to make self-service and contactless the first design option for your services. Not the last. Read more… Checklist: Marketing […]

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Auto Refinance Campaign 5 Tips for Running a Successful Auto Refinance Program

5 Tips for Running a Successful Auto Refinance Program How to run a successful Auto Refinance Program Know the APR. Calculate the annual percentage rate of your members’ most recently opened auto loans and look for opportunity to beat their current APR.  Target the right consumers. Select the best criteria to ensure only the right members are […]

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