Reach underserved members with small-dollar loans and achieve balanced growth.

We know you are committed to conservative lending.

Let’s alleviate any apprehension about live checks:

  • You can select underwriting criteria to fit your comfort level.
  • Your members can improve their creditworthiness by taking small, affordable loans from your credit union, eliminating the need to visit other lenders.
  • Live checks with reasonable rates are an attractive solution to members who don’t have or want credit cards.
  • Confluent Strategies and Equifax will guide you through the entire process and help you maximize this powerful marketing tool.

Case study: Southern Security Federal Credit Union

Pilot campaign (March 2017)
2,800 members, 100 responses
$1,000 checks to homeowners, $750 check to renters
7.99% APR fixed rate for 12 months
161% return on investment, $91,000 in new loans

Follow-up campaign (June 2018)
2,900 members, 100 responses
$1,200 checks
10.99% APR (still below most credit cards)
Nearly 200% return on investment, $123,000 in new loans

Tip: Customize your marketing focus depending on the time of year (e.g., summer vacations, back to school, holidays, etc.).

“There was a tremendous response, and we were pleasantly surprised at the need.”

Dawn Graeter, CEO of Southern Security Federal Credit Union