Are you confident in your AML and KYC programs?

Avoid costly fines and a damaged reputation

In today’s volatile marketplace, organizations face many challenges—including the need to comply with various regulations while attempting to better assess account risk and minimize exposure and losses. Enlist Confluent Strategies and Equifax to help you build out stronger Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs. We can also help you meet Customer Identification Program (CIP) and USA PATRIOT Act requirements.

The alternative could mean costly fines and/or a tarnished business reputation.

Comply while better assessing risk and minimizing exposure

With Equifax’s AML Compliance suite, you gain access to configurable regulatory and risk services to help identify individuals and entities associated with money laundering, terrorism financing, white collar crime, and other unusual activities in support of your KYC and AML programs.

AML Compliance taps into Equifax’s database of thousands of published data sources including denied parties, politically exposed persons (PEPs), high-risk business registrations, adverse media, global sanctions, and more. The suite aggregates and leverages data for your onboarding, monitoring, and administrative oversight needs.


Identify and report patterns indicative of money laundering and terrorism financing. Then, screen against multiple other lists.


You can have your portfolio continually screened for changes and receive alerts when changes are found.


Streamline case flow, alerts, tasks, and reporting for management and/or internal auditors.

Cybercriminals have taken advantage of the COVID economy. Find out how to manage AML during uncertainty.