CS Industry Insights for December

Compliance-friendly third party wealth solution provides 75% accuracy

WealthComplete HD identifies deposit growth cases without using protected class variables. Read use case.

Reducing risk and increasing efficiency for digital mortgages with third party verifications

Equifax’s Jennifer Henry discusses why reliable, third party data remains a vital piece of the mortgage process. Read More.

Go digital to reach consumers through more channels

Equifax Digital Targeting Segments help reach new online audiences for your products and services. Read more.

Monitor current accounts for changes in employment

Learn how Customer Portfolio Reviews can help you spot problems before they occur and help customers with assistance programs. Read more.

5 reasons to rediscover marketing’s unsung hero: direct mail

When you want to inform, engage, and drive action—especially for products and services that require some time and education to sell—don’t overlook the power of direct mail. Read more.

Ignite Live 2020: Lending with confidence during uncertain times

This year’s Ignite Live 2020 was buzzing with ideas about how to lead with confidence in today’s uncertain business climate. Read more about the ideas and best practices shared at the conference.

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