Explore a price-competitive credit scoring option without compromising quality

Many of our partners are now researching price-competitive credit scoring options for their business. Price increases, score fluctuations, and the ability to score thin credit files have creditors searching for an alternate credit score. If you, too, are considering a change, I recommend you consider VantageScore from Equifax.

VantageScore is a predictive scoring model that leverages national consumer credit data and robust analytics to predict the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days delinquent within 24 months of scoring.

By combining granular data in the development process from three nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) with industry-leading analytics, VantageScore delivers a consistent, easy-to-interpret score to support deeper risk assessments and quickly identify consumers’ credit profiles. 

If your credit scoring needs have changed, or you’re looking for a price-competitive option for credit scoring, consider VantageScore for a fraction of the cost.