Gain a full view of commercial risk + reward

Save time and money with proactive risk management. 

Looking for new ways to increase revenue? Your small-business loan portfolio could be a primary segment for growth. But do you have an effective, efficient way to analyze your risk and opportunities?

Equifax’s Absolute Probability of Default® (AbsolutePD®) gives you full visibility with an online platform for risk analysis. As you know, portfolio monitoring and management are often time-intensive and resource-consuming activities. Any delay in reacting to risks can lead to negative outcomes such as avoidable credit losses, resource allocation issues, increased administrative costs associated with collections, and restrictions on your organization’s growth potential.

In an Equifax case study, a large regional financial institution leveragedAbsolutePD to achieve 9.5% targeted growth, with $1,912,000 increased revenue.

Now’s the time to trade your reactive processes for a proactive risk management solution. AbsolutePD can help you simplify the process of assessing industries, the economy, and individual borrowers to arrive at credible, reliable risk ratings.

With AbsolutePD’s machine learning, you can:

  • reduce losses
  • identify new business segments
  • measure performance