Grow deposits to balance your loan portfolio.

In this uncertain market, your financial institution might be looking to increase deposits and achieve more liquidity. We can help you do just that by providing the segmentation and analysis you need to help determine which of your consumers have the means to generate significant deposits.

WealthComplete® Premier from Equifax differentiates among your consumer households based on their estimated credit behavior, availability, needs, and usage. It allows you to identify consumers by their likely financial potential and by the amount of assets they hold at your financial institution and others. With this robust solution, you can target more affluent households and gain insight on their likely investment product allocation and deposit product preferences. 

WealthComplete Premier enables you to calculate share of wallet based on all liquid financial assets—about $61 trillion—held by U.S. households. And with WealthComplete Premier DepositMix, you’ll see each household’s estimated deposit assets broken out into six deposit sub-categories: interest checking, non-interest checking, CDs, savings, money market accounts, and other cash equivalents. You can use this valuable insight to assist with deposit gathering strategies and product offers.