Next-gen ID verification is here!

Confirm identity legitimacy with confidence.

As consumer preferences for digital transactions continue to grow, financial institutions must reevaluate what those digital interactions look like—not only to better serve their consumers but also to maintain and grow their business. Carefully orchestrated verification strategies are critical in today’s digital era to fight existing and evolving fraud, comply with regulations, and facilitate online transactions.

Digital Identity Trust from Equifax confirms the identities of online and in-person consumers by using multidimensional data sources such as phone number, email, address, SSN, DOB, and mobile device verification. By assigning identity trust in real time, at every digital touchpoint, financial institutions can verify the identity behind online transactions, account creations, and logins in split seconds.

If you’re only assessing credit risk, you could be overlooking gaps in identity trust.

Provides trust results and reason codes for:

  • overall identity
  • phone number
  • email
  • device


  • Confirms identity legitimacy by cross-checking multiple data points
  • Increases ability to approve more identities
  • Decreases false positives

Identity trust decisions occur throughout the consumer lifecycle and across multiple touchpoints. Considering the scope and diversity of interactions, financial institutions need access to a continuous feed of multisource data and digital signals regarding a consumer’s past interaction, present context, and predicted intent. Digital Identity Trust is built for that.