Seeing more delinquencies lately? 

As the market continues to inflate, you will likely experience an increase in delinquencies. As such, you might also need help with collections to avoid costly charge-offs. We have a solution to help you capture more past-due payments!

When you leverage a solution like Verification of Employment (VOE) from The Work Number® (TWN) and Equifax, you can focus your collections efforts on the consumers who are employed and most likely to pay, allowing you to recover more debt with fewer resources. Stay ahead of default and identify consumers who have ability to pay or those that should be pursued for recovery.

How it works

More than 2.5 million employers contribute to the TWN database every pay cycle, which then makes fast and secure employment and income verifications possible for their employees. Currently, TWN has 144 million active records, representing more than two-thirds of the U.S. non-farm workforce.

VOE Complete™ and VOE Complete Enhanced™ provide employment status as of 90 and 60 days, respectively, and both include consumer address and phone number. These TWN solutions help you tackle your late-stage collections with ease. Check out this sample VOE report.

Key advantages

  • Provides relevant consumer contact information for collecting debt
  • Helps identify consumers who are employed and earn wages
  • Supports first- and third-party collection
  • Helps efficiently prioritize portfolio with Batch Append method and web delivery