Sharpen your commercial lending decisions with a “soft pull” Business Principal Report.

Determining small-business risk goes beyond assessing a company’s credit history—often you also need data on its key backers. A supplement to the Equifax business report, the Business Principal Report™ (BPR) provides consumer credit information on the business principal, owner, or personal guarantor to give you deeper insight into commercial risk.

The BPR is especially helpful when making commercial credit decisions about companies with minimal credit history, and running it generates a soft inquiry, which won’t affect the business owner’s personal credit score.


  • Reduce credit risk with a total view of a business’ financial obligations and payment history and the consumer credit performance of the business owner/guarantor.
  • Maximize revenue and profitability by using the included FICO® Score to determine product pricing and offers, credit limits, and more.
  • Reduce fraud losses by receiving the business name, address, phone number, and tax ID and running the consumer inquiry through Identity Scan™.
  • Minimize resources by seamlessly accessing both commercial and consumer credit information.