Stop fraudsters and reduce losses with Equifax fraud solutions.

Leveraging the right solution at the right time is key to stopping fraudsters and reducing losses. We work with financial institutions and businesses to create a layered approach using Equifax products and solutions to fight fraud at every step of your consumers’ journey.

AML Connect: A streamlined, scalable anti-money laundering compliance service from Equifax and FICO.

FraudIQ® Identity Scan Alert: Helps identify true name and synthetic identity fraud by discovering potential or known issues associated with the SSN, address, phone, or fraud alerts of the applicant’s identity before approval and account opening.

FraudIQ® Synthetic ID Alert: Helps protect your business from losses associated with synthetic identity fraud while minimizing false positives.

InstaTouch ID: Uses Equifax and mobile carrier data to instantly validate your consumers’ identities and autofills form fields with their personal information.

Military Lending Act (MLA) Covered Borrower Status: Helps ensure safe harbor compliance with the expanded MLA requirements by performing required status checks prior to origination or closing.

OFAC Alert: Automatically scans new and existing consumers quickly and efficiently against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) database.

SSN Affirm: Indicates potentially fraudulent ID information based on the inquiry SSN and consumer ID.