Three reasons to contribute your data to the Commercial Financial Network

It’s time for your financial institution to contribute its commercial data to the Commercial Financial Network. Otherwise, you’re missing out on invaluable reciprocal data that can fine-tune your commercial decisioning. But first, here are a few things you should know:

What is the Commercial Financial Network (CFN)?
The CFN is a massive data exchange spanning many categories of commercial data, including financial tradelines. The CFN fuels the creation of analytic insights that help businesses identify, reach, decision, and grow commercial customer relationships.

By contributing your commercial data to the CFN, your financial institution:

  • gains reciprocal access to the complete set of contributed data, alongside deep commercial analytics, solutions, and reports from Equifax.
  • continues to own any financial tradeline data you contribute.
  • pays no annual fees or hidden costs.

How to join? Two simple one-page agreements.
Simply complete a one-page application and a one page-agreement that provides approval for Equifax to include your data. No strings attached!