Uncover risk + growth potential with differentiated data

Right now, your consumers and prospects are spending a higher percentage of their income on general household expenses. Unfortunately, many are spending more on these expenses instead of paying down debt. As a result, we’re seeing some of the most significant increases in 60-day delinquencies in over a decade. Although some consumers have improved their credit standing over the past few years, others feel the squeeze.
With talk of an impending recession, many lenders have difficulty identifying a person’s true financial capacity to repay their loans to mitigate portfolio risk. That’s why you must have access to advanced data. And we’ve got you covered!

Only Equifax provides:
  • The industry’s most differentiated data available in our standard, integrated, trended, and configurable cloud-native data fabric.
  • The industry’s highest identity resolution, including 99% hit rates and average 13 trades per file.
  • The smartest, most profitable decisions possible through our advanced analytic methodologies and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The industry’s most innovative and differentiated multi-data products that are flexible and configurable for your needs.
  • A new level of speed, agility, and scale with 40% faster model deployment.

Whether prime, subprime, thin, or invisible credit, loan risk levels have shifted to include all consumers, regardless of segment or score, due to the financial impact of the past few years. Lenders like you need to leverage sophisticated differentiated data assets together to provide the most comprehensive insights on consumer financial profiles.

Feeling paralyzed? Take action with a portfolio review.

A regular portfolio review is essential, regardless of the state of the economy. With advanced technologies that allow you to understand each consumer better, Equifax’s Customer Portfolio Review™ can help you mitigate risk and identify opportunities for growth.