Widen your scope with OneView’s alternative data.

A sure way to become more financially inclusive is to access alternative data.

And we have good news: Equifax’s OneView™ credit report now includes alternative data from DataX and The Work Number® to help you reach creditworthy consumers with thin credit files. This data not only helps consumers but can also help your business with fraud prevention, credit risk assessment, collections, and marketing needs.

With Equifax’s powerful differentiated data, you can help create more opportunities for the 65 million consumers who have minimal credit history. Many of these individuals face higher costs for borrowing money and barriers to housing and employment. Helping more of these consumers gain access to mainstream financial products and services requires new insights into individual financial history. 

OneView provides those very insights and will help you reach your financial inclusion goals—and grow your revenue in the process!

Benefits of OneView:

  • Flexible, cloud-based delivery
  • Drag and drop functionality (an industry first!)
  • “Tiled” format for truly customized report views
  • Alternative data from DataX, a specialty financial credit reporting agency
  • Income and employment insights from The Work Number

OneView delivers consumer credit information in a clear, concise way so you can make quick, well-informed decisions. See for yourself in this sample report.

Current OneView customers with existing access to DataX can leverage this new functionality now. If you’d like to start pulling Equifax credit reports with alternative data, contact us today.