Year-end portfolio reviews—the ultimate planning tool

Sometimes lenders are the last to know when their consumers are under financial stress. In these inflationary times, we strongly recommend gaining a comprehensive view into your consumers’ credit profiles with a Customer Portfolio Review™ (CPR) so you can proactively minimize risk exposure as you head in 2023.

A CPR delivers the power to proactively screen the accounts in your portfolio against customized criteria. These deep insights into consumer behavior help you make informed decisions so you can keep your portfolio’s profitability in focus.

Take it a step further:

  • Gauge a consumer’s financial resiliency by adding Equifax’s Financial Durability Score to your CPR.
  • Protect against the immediate, long-term, or surprise risk of bankruptcy by leveraging the Bankruptcy Navigator Index (BNI), which provides an added layer of protection beyond the traditional risk scores.

Consider investing any unused 2022 dollars in an in-depth CPR to take a proactive look at your portfolio’s performance while minimizing the impact of high-risk accounts.