Demystifying the Technology Alphabet Soup

A live question-and-answer session with Mathew Dragatsis, CEO and Founder of Radiant Solutions

APIs… SDKs… SaaS… Rarely does an executive team meeting or board review pass today without mention of a custom technology or system integration need. How does one make sense of it all?

In our Q&A with Mathew Dragatsis, CEO of Radiant Solutions, we will take your questions about modern systems integrations and provide basic answers that are simple to understand. We will also outline some industry-leading solutions that Radiant has delivered to the nation’s largest credit grantors to solve real-world problems with custom-fit technology.

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We will answer your questions, and you will learn:

  1. Fundamental principles that govern Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Developer Kits (SDKs)
  2. Tools and resources used to connect today’s transactional systems
  3. Real-world examples of top 5 bank systems integrations and how you can be a top tech performer