Better understand consumer behaviors with IXI™ data solutions.

The IXI™ Network is an exclusive group of more than 95 leading U.S. financial institutions. Using network data, Equifax directly measures anonymous U.S. consumer assets and investments—about $27 trillion, which is more than 45% of all U.S. consumer invested assets.

We help marketers gain a more complete picture of households’ financial and economic positions by collecting and aggregating anonymous consumer asset data and then combining it with additional measures of income, discretionary spending, and credit. This proprietary database is the engine that drives the most effective solutions available for consumer targeting, segmentation, and market tracking.

Equifax offers more than 20 IXI data-driven marketing solutions, including:

CreditStyles Pro
CreditStyles® Pro offers a suite of measures based on aggregated credit data, enabling marketers and analysts to differentiate households based on their likely credit availability, needs, and usage. This solution is best for consumer and prospect analysis, to identify target segments based on consumers’ expected credit behaviors. It enables marketers and analysts to gain insight into all types of credit usage, including bank cards, retail cards, consumer finance, and various mortgage-type loans.

CreditMix™ enables firms to better determine market size and their share of outstanding credit within their target markets. Use CreditMix to analyze the number and balance of many credit types across custom or standard geographic regions. Gain insights on how financial shifts affect consumer segments, and better understand consumer credit health within various geographies.

Marketers and analysts can get a more complete estimate of household income to improve performance for both direct marketing and online targeting campaigns with Income360®. Continuous household-based dollar estimates of income are uncapped up to $2 million and include estimated income from wages, investments, businesses, and retirement funds. This robust data set overcomes the limitations of standard income measures that tend to lose accuracy at higher income ranges.

Financial Spectrum
Financial Spectrum™ is an asset-based household segmentation system, available exclusively for IXI Network Member Firms, that segments consumers and prospects based on anonymous financial and behavioral characteristics. Built in partnership with Neustar, it leverages Equifax’s unique data insights and Neustar’s respected expertise in segmentation. Created without the use of protected-class data.

Economic Cohorts
Economic Cohorts® provides vital visibility into household economics, something that’s missing from other consumer segmentation products. It enables you to segment consumers and prospects based on households’ estimated economic positions (e.g., estimated total income, ability to spend, ability to pay, and likely credit capacity) in combination with the key demographic, lifecycle/life stage, behavioral, lifestyle, and geographic attributes you expect from a leading consumer segmentation system.

WealthComplete Premier
WealthComplete® Premier provides estimates of total assets at the household level, based on the estimated total liquid financial assets held by all U.S. households. It is available exclusively for use by IXI Network Member Firms. WealthComplete Premier is best used for share-of-wallet opportunity analysis, asset allocation analysis, and targeting potential prospects in both offline and online applications.