CS Industry Insights for November

Understanding consumer financial durability

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted numerous U.S. households—but in different ways. Financial Durability helps marketers understand the financial capacity of households more holistically, beyond income and credit score.

FICO study finds most banks lack digital identity verification

During COVID-19 more consumers than ever are using online banking. Yet, a new survey shows that banks in the U.S. and Canada are struggling to implement practices that combat online identity fraud and money laundering, without turning off their customers.

Get Tips for Handling Disputes

e-OSCAR TV site provides application-specific videos, training tutorials, release information videos, and more for data furnishers that process Automated Credit Dispute Verifications (ACDVs) and Automated Universal Data forms (AUDs).

Equifax Technical Client Specifications (TCS)

TCS is a resource web portal for the Equifax Credit Report services you need to support your decisioning systems. Obtain test credit files, programming guides, and updates to the Equifax credit reports. Check it out here, and be sure to share it with your technical team.

Small Businesses Resilient Amid Heightened Uncertainty

In September, the PayNet Small Business Lending Index (SBLI) increased 12.0 points (+9.1%) to 143.9 and is now 2.9% above the SBLI this time last year. Meanwhile, the SBLI 3-month moving average increased 0.9% to 140.6, though it remains 2.6% below its September 2019 reading.

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