Data-driven Marketing: 4 Reasons to Leverage Data-driven Marketing

Leverage our expertise with Equifax’s unique household economic data, innovative analytics, and technology to grow relationships with the right consumers and deliver great consumer experiences.

While you have access to great data, we understand that it may be difficult to make that data usable to drive marketing campaign strategies, identify top prospects, connect with consumers through their preferred channels, and measure your results. In fact, 70% of marketers report they are dissatisfied with their ability to use consumer data to create more relevant experiences.*

4 reasons to leverage Data-driven Marketing

1: Improve consumer engagement – Precise consumer targeting allows you to connect with your current consumers– and reach high-potential new consumers– through targeted, meaningful interactions.

2: Find high-potential markets – Gain decisioning confidence by identifying markets with high-potential consumers, while also managing the risk of your loan portfolio. 

3: Increase your ROI – Watch your ROI grow by getting greater analytics on your marketing campaigns and touchpoints. These insights allow you to measure the effectiveness and real business impact of your marketing efforts.

4: Fuel your marketing across the consumer lifecycle – Data-driven marketing gives you a better understanding of your consumer’s needs and preferences, whether you’re working to win, grow, or keep their business.

When you better understand your consumer’s current position, your acquisition efforts, marketing campaigns, and customer service programs are more successful.

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* Consumer statistics are based on prior Equifax marketing projects. Your individual uses and results may vary based on your actual consumer data, marketing efforts, product/service type, and other related factors.