Give your customers FREE access to the FICO® Scores you use

Empower your consumers with FICO® Scores.

If you’re striving to build loyalty, trust, and growth through greater credit score transparency, FICO® Score Open Access can help you strengthen consumer relationships and increase profitability.

FICO Score Open Access empowers you to share the FICO® Scores you already use for account risk management decisions with your consumers – with no additional score fees charged by FICO.

Through FICO Score Open Access, you’ll provide your consumers with their FICO Scores, empowerment tools, and credit education through multiple channels and at varying frequencies.

FICO® Score Open Access
With FICO® Score Open Access, FICO extends the license on FICO®Scores you already purchase for account risk management decisions, enabling you to display those scores to your end consumers.

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