Make the most of consumers’ momentous occasions.

Life events are important marketing triggers.

Significant life events like weddings and home buying often bring planned and unplanned expenses along with them. You can meet consumers where they are if you’re attune to their behavioral signals. But you might ask, “How do I pinpoint where my consumers are on their life journeys?”

We can help! Equifax + Deluxe have partnered to introduce a differentiated data solution, Life Event Triggers. It can help identify if and when a consumer is in the market for new or additional products and services based on immediate, short-term, or long-term needs. Leveraging these insights can help marketers respond to signals almost immediately with a predetermined message and invitation to apply.

Trigger types include:

Newly marriedPre-mover
Newly singleNew homeowner
New or expecting parents Household composition change

With valuable trigger data, you can uncover which consumers and prospects might need funds to cover expenses such as event planning, wedding rings, moving services, new furnishings, home repairs, and more.