Market your campaigns with earlier, increased holiday shopping in mind.

Align your holiday campaigns with shoppers’ early schedules.

This year, many Americans will be looking to make up for the “missed” holidays of 2020, and to account for perceived supply-chain issues, shoppers will start early. Last year, 70% of shoppers planned to shop early to avoid crowds and out-of-stock items, according to Google product marketing manager Erin Sagin.”Similar trends are expected this year,” she says. “To meet early demand, retailers should consider launching holiday plans and promotions earlier than usual.”

That means now is the time to create your targeted seasonal marketing campaigns.

Capture new consumers, find opportunities in your current book.

ProspectID Advantage delivers a list of preapproved, valuable consumer prospects tailored to your credit profile criteria and budget. You can attract higher-quality prospects with an increased likelihood of activation.

ProspectID Advantage also enables you to mine existing consumer data, allowing you to provide more targeted offers to specific consumer segments. You might choose to send live checks to employed homeowners or extend preapproved credit card offers to those with above-average credit scores.

Don’t miss out on the many opportunities of the holiday shopping season!

“U.S. holiday retail sales in 2021 are predicted to increase 2.7% to $1.093 trillion, with e-commerce accounting for a record 18.9% of all holiday retail sales. Thanks to widespread vaccine access and Covid-19 restrictions largely being lifted across the country, 2021 is poised for a major return to all things holiday.” 

Forbes, August 17, 2021